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Workshops & Online Sessions

Practical Knowledge

I offer a selection of seminars to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to you and your team and help with your decision-making process. 

Online Session

Via Google Meet or ZOOM

Online session with a minimum of 5 participants, where I offer an overview of any given topic  for roughly 60 Minutes, followed by either 30 Minutes of Q&A, or if the group size is too large, then participants can hand in their questions and will recieve an anwser via email afterwards.


At a location of your choice

On-Site Workshops are the other option, which I usually offer to teams withing companies, that want to understand how to tackle their specific goals. These Seminars take about 60 Minutes of interactive topical overview and discussion, followed by an Q&A and brainstorming session with the participants. 


Module Contents

Like a financial audit, this workshop is all about understanding how your marketing infrastructure has been set up, grown and why. The ultimate goal is to customize your channels & content to fit your ideal customers and clients. 

How do you use analysis models like SWOT, PESTLE, STEER and others, to gain the fundamental insights over your markets, competitors and your own offerings?

Using Pirate Metrics Analysis (AARRR) to understand your ideal customer and client journey has been driving Silicon Valley startups for over a decade now, with great success, too.

How do you use analytics and insights to craft interesting and valuable content for your audiences? How do you use your data to draw in new audiences?

In a world full of data, how do you gain access to analytics and audience insights? Where do you generate them? Which tools do you have to use and why?

Module Contents

Sales and marketing are still distinct disciplines and need to work together closer than ever before. Enabling your sales teams to convert leads into opportunities through digital tools and with a digital-first approach is the goal of this workshop.

If you want your sales to be digital, what does that mean for your marketing? How do these two disciplines work together now, or are they blending into one another?

What are the best strategies to attract your ideal audiences and build trust in your offerings and brand? How do you create a marketing and sales system that works fully online?

With all sales being digital, how do you communicate with your leads? Which platforms do you use to connect, keep track and engage with them?

How do you practically set up a digital sales? Which software is best? And is there a way to bring automation to sales that helps your sales team to spend more time doing actual sales work?


Always Transparent Pricing

Keeping Things Clear

On-Site Workshop

5 Participants Maximum
Per Request
  • Perfect for teams that want a full, custom workshop that caters to their specific needs. Includes an extended Q&A.

Online Session

5 Participants Minimum
  • Flexible and fully remote seminar. Perfect for teams that work in home office environments.