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Project Managment

You do what you do best, I do the rest. If you’re looking for a partner to set up and manage your online marketing and branding efforts, then I will gladly help.

Strategy Consulting

Your ideas need an action plan. I have a range of expertise in digital and marketing fields to offer you the most insight and help you make your ideas come to life.

Operative Agency

Sometimes you just need things done. I am not just offering strategic planning, but am also an active practitioner. And if can’t do it myself, I always have someone to support.

Your Executive Partner For All Things Digital.

With the power of my extensive network of professionals, you can build and streamline attention for your business, through quality media, creatives, performance marketing and everything in between.

The cumulated experience from consulting and founding my own startups and companies, has led me to a position where I can offer more than just regular consulting. Your business needs more than just good sounding advice, it needs sound advice in combination with practicality. I focus on execution of plans as much as I focus on mapping out strategies. A good plan is nothing without the ability to bring it into reality. The main goal is usually to provide simple, effective solutions to complex problems and take worries off your back as an executive partner really should.

Sometimes all you need is someone to help you mold your ideas into a plan. Sometimes you just need someone to mold a plan into existence. Whatever it may be, Boskovski Consulting is here to support you in your process.

Strategy Consulting

Not hoping, planning

Social Media Strategy

Whether it is organic posts, advertising, or influencer marketing, the opportunities to gain attention through social media are numerous. Which channel and which content fits your business the best is important.

LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn is rapidly growing and has shifted towards being a "content-first" platform. To understand the in and outs and have a plan to leverage this professional network can be essential.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Announcing your services to the world has never been easier, which is why there is so much competition around attention. A good go-to-market strategy helps you to grow your audience sustainably.

Business Model Innovation

Whether your business is brand new or has been running profitably for decades, at some point new technology and customer behavior will enable more efficient financial gain through modern revenue models.

Brand Strategy

Your brand, the corporate design and communication is what draws potential clients and customers in. Crafting a strategy on how to build and grow your brand is therefore imperative to growth.

Content Strategy

Some content is better than no content, but planned and mapped out content to support your sales and business development activities is undoubtedly the best option.

Remote Work For Teams

Having team members around the world, or even just setting up better home office infrastructures brings challenges. Not just in tools, but also in culture and communication.

E-Commerce Setup

It has never been easier to set up and run an online store. The options on which platforms to use and how to integrate into other platforms is immense and should be planned properly.

Operative Agency

Getting Things Done

Social Media Advertising

From setting up and running your business manager account, to creating and running entire Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

Google Ads

Search engine advertising is still very viable for some business cases. Whether it is simple search ads or display advertising on third party websites and blogs.

WordPress & WooCommerce Design

Having a web presence is an obvious must nowadays. WordPress offers a flexible, yet intuitive enough solution to create your digital home. Whether it's consulting, e-commerce or anything in between.

Online Analytics

From Google Analytics, to on-page SEO. If you have a website and use social media, then there is data which can give you important insights on your audiences and potentials.

Corporate Design

Logos, fonts, colors and design elements play a crucial role in how people perceive your brand and business. They are the cherry on top of your content and actual offerings.

Content Creation

From simple blog texts, to social media posts, to videos. The more varied your content is, the more chances you have to use all channels to their full potential.

Click Demos

Sometimes your services need to be shown to be fully understood. When that isn't actually possible, click demos can act as a great bridge to make your ideas tangible for people.

Video Editing

Video is currently the most important format on social media and the best format to deliver your thoughts and messages to the world. From short trailers to long form podcasts.

The Toolbelt

To Create Value


Diverse & Exciting

International Experience

At home in the world

Industry Specialization

Flexible Focus

The following three umbrella categories show just a general bias for your orientation.

Consulting & Finance

From a fellow business consultancy, a finance and investment broker, a real estate service or any other type of agency.

E-Commerce & Wholesale

From the local mom & pop store over to the emerging online shop, to a full on corporate wholesale company.

IT & Software

From a fresh startup, to an established software developer, over to IT infrastructure providers.

Workshops & Seminars

Practical Knowledge

Marketing Audit

Like a financial audit, this workshop is all about understanding how your marketing infrastructure has been set up, grown and why. The ultimate goal is to customize your channels & content to fit your ideal customers and clients. 

Digital Sales Setup

Sales and marketing are still distinct disciplines and need to work together closer than ever before. Enabling your sales teams to convert leads into opportunities through digital tools and with a digital-first approach is the goal of this workshop.

Remote Work Teams

Having set up three different companies with remote work at it’s core, this workshop aims to give you a roadmap to build awareness for both tools, software and the like, but also for the culture change and etiquette around working remote.

For years, I’ve been working on streamlining digital business models and online marketing with smart, motivated teams. For my clients, I am a problem solver, project manager, digital Sherpa. The person they can trust to either help them directly or find and manage people that can.

Aleksandar Boskovski

Business Strategist


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