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Under this umbrella term you find a broad portfolio to support the fundamental aspects of your digital business. Here are some expertise which you may expect.


Customer Journey Analysis

Understanding your customer and visualizing their journeys helps you make the right adjustments in your marketing and sales efforts.

Buyer Persona Crafting

Selling to a faceless group is always harder than marketing to a person. You know your customers and clients, so let us turn them into resources.

Marketing Audit

Keep your marketing efforts in line and efficient by looking at all your activities and aligning them for maximum cohesion.

Monetization Analysis

How you monetize your services and products can have a great effect on purchase decisions by your customers.

Alternative Revenue Analysis

Sometimes new technology trends and the market open completely new income generation possibilities that can boost your sales.

Digital Sales Consuting

Sales is undergoing as much digitization as marketing in many cases and help you become more efficient in your sales processes.



Facebook & Instagram

From content, to advertising, to influencer strategies. These two platforms are still the largest and most important social media outlets.

LinkedIn & Xing

Not only for B2B services, these two professional social media channels have become rising stars among marketing and branding experts.

TikTok & Others

Niche platforms like Pinterest or hot trends like TikTok can offer great value for early adopters and companies that have fitting content.

Content Strategy

The content and formats that you put out into the world should fit to the audience you would like to address and spark interest for your brand.

Corporate Design Consulting

Design is always an emotional topic, which is great if the look and feel of your brand can trigger a positive attitude with your target audience.

Storytelling Strategy

Having all your content connect to your overall brand story and framing narratives around the values you like to promote is powerful marketing.



Remote Work & Home Office

Working from home or anywhere in the world has never been easier, but it requires some understanding of both setup and culture change.

Productivity Cloud Software

Keeping track of tasks, customers, partners and which tools to use for practical and efficient results is highly valueable to any business.

Online Analytics & SEO

Tracking your website, advertising and SEO data offers insights into real world behavior of your audiences and interaction with your content.

I offer a decade of startup experience to bring true value into your decision-making process.

Because hoping is not a strategy.


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