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As a freelance agency and consulting service, Boskovski Consulting has existed since about 2010, just after Facebook reached it’s peak in organic traffic generation and most companies had no idea how to leverage that medium for advertising.

It all began when social media marketing started becoming a viable channel for advertising business. In the early days, around 2008, Facebook was still something that mostly students and younger people were using to share their activities and interests. At that time, most companies and agencies alike were looking at SEO exclusively for online marketing and websites were mostly build by developers.

The story did not stop with social media marketing, though. From there, the portfolio only grew with the times, in an effort to always stay a step ahead in efficiency and effectiveness, when it comes to marketing, sales, and product development. These three pillars shaped the base from which Boskovski Consulting grew its expertise and network.

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My name is Aleksandar Boskovski and I am a digital strategist, marketing manager and startup founder.

The story of Boskovski Consulting is inevitably my personal story, as I started off alone and curious about how to use Facebook and social media to attract attention for projects I was either directly or indirectly involved in. That curiosity has never left me, which is why I became a managerial jack-of-all trades, having lead teams in modern software product development, online marketing and of course as a consultant and problem solver.

Working with ambitious teams and clients is what motivates me to think out of the box and bring real value to projects. That’s why I am never fishing for quick sales, but looking for clients that may become true partners.


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