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Under this umbrella term you find a broad portfolio to directly support the operative day-to-day business you need. Here are some expertise which you may expect.


Facebook & Instagram

Through the Facebook business manager you can access millions of potential clients and customers over multiple channels.

LinkedIn & Xing

Advertising on these B2B social networks can offer the a new angle to boost awareness and sales for your business.

Google Ads & Microsoft Advertising

Search Engine Advertising, or SEA, is still a great way to make your business stand out with interested audiences.

Website Creation

Your website and landing pages are your digital office and storefront. We build from scratch, customize and modernize them for you.

SEO Checkups

For many businesses it is still important to keep their websites as optimized as possible. That's where we can help.

Hosting Maintenance

Beyond just building websites, we can also take care of your entire web hosting and online maintenance, if need be.

Creation &

Pictures & Infografics

These content formats are the backbone of any social media posts and advertising and are an absolute must have.

Click Demos & Videos

Videos are the king of content currently, but click demos can offer an even more interactive option, if your services are eligible.

Blogposts & Articles

The classic foundation of online content, blogposts and article are still a great format to reach people, especially over LinkedIn and the like.



Advertising Analytics

Knowing and understanding how your online ads are performing is vital to having successful ad campaigns.

Organic Traffic Reporting

Keeping track of website visitors and similar organic traffic can give you insights into how well your SEO is actually working.

Online Audience Analytics

Extensive analysis of your online audiences across the omnichannel give you great opportunity to create new opportunities.

I offer a decade of startup experience and an extensive network of professionals to get things done for you.

Execution is the key to success.


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